Join Our Team

If you're a list-maker, color lover and all around go-getter then Patterned Goods is the place for you! We are currently in search of cheerful and stylish stationery lovers to join the Patterned Pop-Up Team.

Our pop-ups are a practical and playful shopping experience but they wouldn't be without our Cheerful Sales Team!

Responsibilities of our pop-up team include...


  • set-up and take-down of the Patterned booth

  • merchandising products according to a photo guide

  • greeting and assisting customers in picking out the perfect items

  • guiding customers through our online live personalization preview

  • submitting customer order information online

  • being an expert on all things Patterned Goods


... all with a cheerful demeanor and go-getter personality.

Pop-ups are primarily in the North Dallas area and take place on both week-days and weekends September through December. Pop-up team members typically work part-time and receive competitive pay with commission opportunities.

Does this sound like you?! Please submit an application below. We can't wait to hear from you.

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