Patterned VIP Badge for 'Neath the Wreath [LIMIT: 1 PER PERSON]


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This holiday season, 15 VIPs will receive swag bags, special discounts and freebies on top of FREE personalization at 'Neath the Wreath Holiday Market, November 9-12, 2023 in Allen, Texas. 

VIP badges are free (1 per person) and VIP Perks are only available in-person at 'Neath the Wreath Holiday Market. Plan ahead to shop with us in November and become a VIP.

Simply "add to cart" and follow the checkout process. You will be asked to input your shipping address but will not be asked for payment information.

VIPs will receive their exclusive badge in the mail in October. Badges must be worn to 'Neath the Wreath Holiday Market to receive Patterned Perks - don't worry, they're so cute!

(Image shown is a mockup, badges may not look identical)

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